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Technology Transition


The Technology Transition Division creates technology development campaigns to shepherd technologies into federal and commercial applications to lower risk and increase return on investment.

Patrick Lewis, Ph.D., PMP

Director of Technology Transition


  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Technology Transition Campaign Planning

  • Technology Development Programs Execution

  • Technology Scouting & Forecasting

  • Innovation Planning

  • Technical Analysis

Electrical Engineering

Hepburn and Sons’ Technology Transition Division develops and shepherds emerging electrical technologies in power distribution, power system monitoring, and power electronics to meet the warfighter’s needs. Our experts in electrical engineering lead development of technologies to verify the best for transition into the maritime shipbuilding industry, Navy Shipbuilding, and DoD applications. Strategic partnerships with industrial and academic leaders whether it be small or large businesses, universities or manufacturers, provides maturation of these technologies to revolutionize U.S. warfighting capability for the 21st century.


Material Sciences

Hepburn and Sons LLC is in a unique position through our reputation for the leveraging of new and emerging technologies and practices with a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) such as laser peening, scanning technologies, and metal treatment. Our experts in Material Science investigate these new technologies to verify the best for transition into the maritime shipbuilding industry and Navy Shipbuilding. This knowledge is used in each partnership with small and large businesses to mature these technologies.

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