What We Do

The Technology Transition Team Shepherds Innovative Technologies Into Federal And Commercial Applications To Lower Risk And Increase Return On Investment.


To be the trusted agents for the development, commercialization and transition of high-impact, high-payoff technologies to the U.S. Government, Department of Defense and commercial industry.


Bridge innovative research to National capability needs by:

  1. SCANNING the technology landscape for innovative technologies
  2. INTRODUCING our customers to innovative technologies and companies they may not otherwise encounter
  3. LEADING the development of innovative technologies for commercial and Government applications
  4. SHEPHERDING the transition of innovative technologies to commercial industry and Government customers

Value Proposition

Hepburn & Sons shepherds innovative technologies into Federal and commercial applications to lower risk and increase return on investment

How We Do It

Unique Technology Transition Stage-Gate Process

Hepburn and Sons history of transitioning technologies through our stage gate process at various entry points into the American maritime market. We scan the problem and solution domains and engineer a “Bridge to Transition” through our unique stage-gate process.

Technology Transition Pathway Photo