Hepburn and Sons LLC provides professional, cyber security consulting expertise that includes transformational, data-centric, encryption products. As part of this portfolio, the Security First Corp (SFC) DataKeep™ Security Suite features software-defined, protection for data-at-rest, in-motion (transit/execution) and in the cloud. The core technology provides all aspects of security, confidentiality (encryption), integrity (data tampering detection) and high availability (fault tolerance). DataKeep has multiple certifications to include NSA-NIAP and FIPS 140-2, levels 1 and 2. The product is EAL4+ compliant, uses AES-256 encryption for layered data protection and available as a high TRL for enterprise-class architectures.

The data-centric technology provides integrated key management, disaster recovery, share authentication, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for big data analytics/cyber hunting technologies and cloud storage. The policy engine provides least privilege access controls, delineation of responsibilities and multi-factor authentication via an easy to use Graphical User Interface. The technology provides a cyber security solution that mitigates insider/external threats, supply chain vulnerabilities and provides Identity and Access Management (IdAM) scalable to diverse enterprise IT architectures, commercial/private cloud, nuclear and Machinery Control/SCADA systems.

The following videos provide a basic introduction of these capabilities:

(4 Minutes) Fox Business Opening Bell

(1 Minute) Cryptographic Splitting

(2 Minutes) SPxGateway Overview